December 10, 2008

The Inaugural Post

Greetings all and welcome to the House Bloodthorn Blog. This is my first foray into blogging, so I hope you'll bear with me as I fumble my way about for a time. I'm not much of a writer to begin with, but I hope to improve in that regard as well as entertain and inform about the things that interest me.

Namely... Halloween, haunting, my haunt's progress, prop-building, movies (horror and otherwise), music, art (love the lowbrow), design, links to other sites of interest, a mild rant or two, or whatever else strikes my dark little fancy. Generally, the things that inspire me and keep the soul of the House thrumming contentedly.

So there you have the guts of it. Thanks for looking in and stop by again. There will be more to come and comments are always welcomed.


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