December 14, 2008



Just a few pics I took today after a rather substantial snowfall. I rather like how the snow looks on a few of my trees, especially the bare spindly ones. And I love how it covers the bigger conifers and makes the branches appear much more vein-like. You can even see the collateral damage on the front window from the morning's first snowball fight. And, of course, my tiny pumpkins dusted with snow and huddled together against the cold.

Being from California and living in Oregon for only 3 years, I still get a little thrill from seeing my house and yard covered in snow. While snow in Oregon occurs fairly frequently, it very rarely makes it down to my elevation on the valley floor. Nor is it usually this heavy. These shots were taken in the morning and it continued snowing well into the early evening.

I'm happily entrenched by the fireplace soaking up the warmth and it looks like the kids are going to get a few extra days off from school before Christmas vacation starts next week.

I'm sure they'll get over it.

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  1. You too! I have been here (from SoCal for about 18 years) and I have never seen this much snow..... and I have to say, I am fine with that.....too much snow for me...and the few tombstones I set out. :)