November 13, 2009

Halloween 2009 video

Just posted this year's video up on YouTube. You can watch it above or here. I also have WMV and QT versions up should anyone want to download it.
My thanks to Pumpkinrot for the video inspiration and also for the recommendation of Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9. It was my first time really editing a video and the program is very intuitive and easy to use.
And, of course, my thanks to Rob of Skull and Bone (without whom there would have been a lot less to shoot) for his generosity and inspiration.
Some of you may notice the conspicuous lack of actual video footage in the clip. Nearly unusable footage from an old camcorder and lack of a proper video capture on the PC were the culprits. I'm not able to acquire new hardware so soon after going just a 'smidge' over the Halloween budget, so I kind of had to make due. Better equipment is definitely on the list for next year. If at some point I'm able to get some of the footage to a usable state, I'll edit it in or do something seperately later.
Enjoy and thanks for watching.


  1. Stunning! The music/soundtrack was perfect with the visuals.

  2. Me? Enthusiastic? Nah!
    Just so you know, I shot mine only with my little digital camera- a Canon Powershot A590 IS that I got off Amazon. I seriously don't know anything about adjusting image brightness, etc., so I didn't. Fortunately the Powershot saw everything very well, for a little point and shoot. Maybe someday, I will have a real video camera and actually know somethig about how to shoot film!
    I STILL love how yours turned out, and I think you work is very well put together.
    Bloody kisses XOXO,
    The Shark Jumper

  3. Yeah! That is specacular! Absolutely love it. The atmospher is dark and creepy, just the way I like it :)

    I so have to find a way to see it next year!