November 1, 2011

The Dark Garden

The air was still and the fog crept low as Rose beheld her garden...

Physically, the haunt this year looked the best it ever has. Still a few issues with lighting and photography, but all in all, I'm pleased with the way things turned out.

Bonus this year is that we were able to successfully get some good video of the haunt. Thanks to KC Kenaz for hanging out and filming. Early footage looked great so it looks promising for a video this year.

More to come.


  1. That looks great. I am jealous that you got video. I tried and tried, but none ever came out right. I can't wait to see what you got.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous shot. Lighting looks perfect! We've never had any luck with "ground foggers" and never built a chiller. We only had one year, Halloween 2003, where the natural drop in temperature that night created ground hugging fog with our fog machine.

  3. Really beautiful. Also looking forward to the video.

  4. That photo is unbelievable! Amazing color and setup. Can't wait to see the video.

  5. Incredible as always!

    Cannot wait to see more amazing pics and video!

  6. Amazing! That is a perfect photo! Can't wait to see more!